Protected: Gartner Reassess Storage Requirements

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5 Common Types of Enterprise Data

A quick but meaningful read, with actionable insights. Request Free!
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Birst Goes for Gold in Marketing Attribution

Birst has refreshed the marketing analytics accelerator it debuted last October. As it rolls out its latest product it does so with a message about an issue that is dear to the hearts of marketing executives...
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Symantec NetBackup Remains Better Equipped than EMC Avamar as a Single Solution for Comprehensive Enterprise Backup

Check out this comparison report from DCIG to find out how Symantec NetBackup remains better equipped than EMC Avamar as a single solution for comprehensive enterprise backup. Request Free!
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PBBAs Tap into Key Data Protection Trends to Drive Strong Market Growth

This Technology Spotlight from IDC examines the PBBA market, discussing the drivers of market development and the key benefits these appliances offer enterprises. It also looks at the role of Symantec...
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Symantec NetBackup Appliances: Key Factors in Modernizing Backup and Recovery

This paper provides a structured approach to assessing the advantages of the appliance model. It summarizes the trends that have made modernizing backup and recovery an urgent priority, the key requirements...
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IDC Executive Brief: Modernizing Data Protection With Backup Appliances

Benefits and challenges of an appliance-based data protection approach will be discussed, as well as emerging best practices for modern data protection. Request Free!
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Does MapR Leave Cloudera and Hortonworks in the Dust?

MapR has the best big data technology in the market. At least that’s what Jack Norris, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, believes. “I don’t think there’s any dispute about that when...
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Zero Downtime: How These Six Companies Achieved It

Today, IT systems are the lifeblood of the business. As a result, your IT organization is under constant pressure to provide continual access and meet growing demand. Whether planned downtime for system...
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Uninterrupted Internet: Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Business Risk with 3G/4G Failover

With CradlePoint as your Internet backup solution, you’re ensured more uptime for your POS transactions and cloud-based services while gaining significant financial and operational benefits over...
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