Accelerate How You Innovate: Data Center Evolution in the Era of the Cloud

This report includes essays on the following topics:Data CentersThe New ITThe BusinessSecurity and ComplianceCostsHigh Availability and Disaster RecoveryA transformation has begun. Thanks to the cloud,...
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Packt’s Business Intelligence Book Bundle — A Free 163 Page Sampler

This Packt e-book bundle includes materials from 5 informative guides on business intelligence. You’ll enjoy a sample chapter from each title included below:Fast Data Processing with SparkMicrosoft...
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Packt’s Hadoop Book Bundle — A Free 182 Page Sampler

This Packt e-book bundle includes materials from 5 informative guides on Hadoop. You’ll enjoy a sample chapter from each title included below:Hadoop MapReduce CookbookHadoop Operations and Cluster...
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New Whitepaper: Enterprise Mobility, Five Myths + A Better Approach

Today’s enterprises know that, to stay competitive, they need to take their operations mobile. But, with the typical enterprise operating between 500 and 5000 applications—many of them complex...
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Taneja Group Report: VVOL Competitive Landscape

Need help deciding which VVOL-enabled array is best suited for your datacenter? Download this Taneja Group Market Landscape Report.Request Free!
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An Intro to Data Management: How to Use Data to Succeed at Your Job

It’s no secret: data is everywhere – especially now-a-days. In 2013, IBM released some numbers which pointed to the fact that 90% of all the TOTAL data in the world (that is a lot of data)...
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Unlocking Internet of Things for Business

By now you have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) and it's dominating presence as a technology phenomenon. As IoT continues to gain momentum with each new smart device and prototype, businesses will...
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Protected: Seize the Data โ€“ What’s Your Data Doing for You?

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Washington State Significantly Expands Data Breach Notification Requirements

Authors: Christopher M. Koa and Michael Droke Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed legislation making Washington among the five US states with the most rigorous data breach notification laws enacted...
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Extending the Life and Productivity of your Distribution Center

Existing distribution centers often face complex challenges. From insufficient space to increased labor costs, smaller order sizes and growing return volumes, a range of issues can create inefficiencies.That’s...
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