ERP in Retail

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has long been a crucial tool for manufacturers to discover potential efficiencies, standardize processes, reduce costs, and provide visibility for informed decision making. Since the widespread adoption of ERP in manufacturing, other industries have followed suit and are now using ERP to manage and improve their business performance. For example, Aberdeen’s 2011 ERP survey of 52 retail organizations, Aberdeen finds that 83% are currently using ERP. Still, 51% of those ERP systems are less than five years old. While 35% of ERP solutions in top performing retail organizations are over seven years old, this is true for only 23% of ERP implementations in all others. Evidence of the fact that 93% of leading retail organizations is using ERP compared to 73% of all others, shows that the benefits of ERP have been taken advantage of in leading retail organizations and those organizations that are lagging behind could benefit from using ERP to catch up.

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