Achieve Your Financial Goals with Trintech’s Unity Suite of Financial Software

Every year around this time we start drawing up lists, making personal inventories, and resolving to do better in the coming year. But the truth is that very few of us achieve the laundry list of goals laid down in the typical New Year’s resolution.

To err, after all, is only human.

But Trintech’s Unity Suite can help businesses remove human error from the equation altogether. By automating complex reconciliation, review, and exception-resolution processes, Unity enables businesses to achieve significant gains in productivity and internal controls.

Maybe your resolution is geographic expansion. Unity is designed for global commerce. The collaborative architecture allows dispersed teams to co-create documents and oversee complex, automated workflows across regions. Unity supports multiple users working with multiple currencies in multiple languages.

Resolutions are about improving on last year’s efforts. For departments tasked with continuous improvement projects, Unity’s decision-support dashboards can help identify bottlenecks before they occur. Our reporting capabilities allow for complex forecasting, trending, and flux analysis, so your team can learn from the past, and do better in the future.

No matter what your corporate resolutions are, Trintech’s Unity Suite can help. We look forward to enabling an inspired – and inspiring – new year for each of our customers.

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