Indiana’s New Right-to-Work Law: A Precedent or One Off?

Indiana’s recent passage of a right-to-work law has stoked speculation that other states might follow its lead.  The state became the 23rd state to enact right-to-work legislation–but the first do do so in the Rust Belt region.

Right-to-work laws make it illegal to force employees to join a union or pay union dues as a condition fo employment. Supporters of these laws tout them as an inticement for relocating businesses and keeping costs down.

Opponents say the allow nonunion workers to reap higher union-negotiated wages and benefits without sharing the costs, which over time undermines unions.

The Midwestern states are where unions flourished after World War II because of the concentration of manufacturing firms.

So Indiana’s experience may provide an interesting experiment in whether the right-to-work movement can catch fire where unions have historically been strong.

Read more about it in the Washington Post.

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