Report Details High Stress Facing Investment Bankers

Is being an investment banker bad for one’s health? Could be, according to a University of Southern California study to be published later this month.

The study says that the high stress and long hours of a job in investment banking can lead to “insomnia, alcoholism, heart palpitations, eating disorders, and an explosive temper.”

The USC study, which followed numerous bankers over a 10-year period, found that “by the sixth year, the participants [the bankers involved in the survey], now in their mid-30s, had split into two camps: the 60% who remained ‘at war’ with their bodies, and the remaining 40% who decided to prioritize their health, meaning they paid more attention to sleep, exercise and diet and set limits on how much they allowed work to consume them.”

The silver lining? Nearly half of the bankers figured out how to deal with the 100-hour workweeks, screaming bosses, and pressure to perform at a very high level by simply eating well, exercising, and not allowing work to swallow their entire lives.

But just to be on the safe side, investment banks might want to have employee assistance programs in place to give their stressed employees a place to blow off steam and seek counseling.

It also can’t hurt to dust off your workplace violence prevention program and make sure its adequate. Here are some tips on recognizing and preventing workplace violence.

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