Say what? To be able to telecommute, 5% would get divorced, 12% stop showering

If it wasn’t clear before, this survey makes it painfully obvious: Employees want the ability to telecommute – and wait until you see what they’re willing to give up to get what they want.

What exactly are they willing to give up?

Here are the top nine responses from a recent survey of 2,630 adults:

  1. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) — 34%
  2. Texting — 30%
  3. Chocolate — 29%
  4. Smartphones — 25%
  5. Shopping — 20%
  6. A salary increase — 17%
  7. Half of their vacation days — 15%
  8. Daily showers — 12%
  9. Their marriage — 5%

Of course, given divorce rates today, that last 5% could be ready to throw in the towel on their marriage anyway. Still, the survey shows how highly employees view the ability to telecommute. And with gas prices climbing again, it could become an even more attractive benefit in the months ahead.

When asked how telecommuting would impact their performance:

  • 54% said they’d be “at least somewhat more productive,” and
  • 32% said they’d be “more or much productive.”

The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of TeamViewer, an online meeting software company.


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