The burger joint giving wellness advocates fits

Here’s just another reason this restaurant should catapult up the list of Burger Joints Your Workers Shouldn’t Frequent on Their Lunch Breaks: A man suffered a heart attack eating a 6,000-calorie Triple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill.

If the name doesn’t scare you, the food should. The monstrous Triple Bypass isn’t even the biggest burger on the menu.

The restaurant offers an absurdly-sized Quadruple Bypass burger, which weighs in at over two pounds and contains 20 pieces of bacon. If you can finish it, workers will roll you out in a wheelchair.

Last year, we reported this place would give any wellness program coordinator fits, and this recent event helps support our argument.

An unidentified man was halfway through his meal at the chain’s Las Vegas location when he began experiencing pain in his chest.

He was taken via ambulance to a nearby hospital after a waitress called 911. Ironically, the waitress was dressed as a nurse, which is the standard uniform for females working at the hospital-themed restaurant.

No word on the customer’s health status.


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