Digium (Unofficially) Announces R-Series Redundancy Analog & PRI Appliances

Today, at a standing room only session presented by Digium's Jason Parker he discussed Digium's R-Series (R = Redundancy) appliance, which adds redundancy to analog & PRI trunks. It comes in two models - an analog model supporting 8 analog trunks and a PRI model supporting 8 PRIs. Interestingly, both will be priced at $995. I would have expected a premium on the 8 PRI model. The products will be generally available on December 9th of this year. They are not officially released yet, but a pres release is coming soon.

I should add that each appliance (PRI & analog) has 16 total ports. It switches from primary 8 ports to backup 8 ports in the event of failure. It leverages USB communication between the appliance and the Asterisk box running a daemon to monitor it. Digium told me that this appliance should work with any flavor of Asterisk.

I have a video which I am attempting to upload to YouTube. But it failed at 65% and 95%. Hotel WiFi is a bit shaky and slow. I drafted this post at around 3pm today but haven't been able to post the video, so I figure I'll just post this as is, since I head to the airport at 4:45am (5 hours from now). As soon as it uploads I will update this post with the YouTube video.

Update. Here's the video:

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