Does HTML5 Rock Your Mobile World?

html5-logo.pngWe’ve heard the hype surrounding HTML5, but does it live up to its promise? If TMC’s recently completed DevCon5 show in Santa Clara, California is any indication, HTML5 will soon rock your mobile world!

At DevCon5, an international community of HTML5 developers and designers gathered to focus on Mobile Apps, Consistent UI Development, and more. Gaming was a huge draw featuring a large, enthusiastic group.

With breakout sessions led by experts from Adobe, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Joyent and Qualcomm, DevCon5 has quickly established its position as a “must attend” event for developers and designers looking to take advantage of business opportunities presented by the advent of HTML5.

DevCon5 – created for Web developers, software architects, graphic artists and business executives – helps developers, designers and engineers learn how they can use HTML5 to create engaging mobile applications and create consistent, positive Web user experiences across any device. The DevCon5 conference program encompasses a multi-track program covering important topics related to HTML5 adoption, including browser compatibility, user experience design and Web 3.0.
                                          DevCon5 session

“The prevailing theme from Day One of DevCon5 was the unanimous amazement on the face of attendees as they witnessed the animated Web pages they can build using HTML5,” said Carl Ford, event producer at Crossfire Media. “Even today’s most sophisticated game programs will feel the competition from sites, difficult to conceive of today, but amazingly possible using HTML5, CSS3 and javascript.”

“The progression of HTML5 possibilities and capabilities has developed so rapidly that even the most sophisticated engineers and developers acknowledge to me that they need to visit conferences like DevCon5 frequently to stay ahead of the curve,” Ford added.

With Skype rumored to be working on a HTML5 web app, if that comes to fruition, that would be a huge feather in HTML5’s hat.

                                                                 DevCon5 session

The next DevCon5 Conference will be held July 23-24 at The Kimmel Center on the campus of New York University in New York City. You can register here.

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