FCC Now Requires VoIP Outage Reporting

fcc-logo.jpgThe Federal Communications Commission today voted and passed a requirement that interconnected VoIP service providers report significant network outages that meet specific criteria and thresholds. The goal is to ensure 911 system reliability and perhaps customer awareness of fly-by-night VoIP operations that are just trying to make a buck. The FCC will use outage reports to “track and analyze information on interconnected VoIP outages affecting 9-1-1 service and determine if action is needed to prevent future outages.” In other words you might be looking at fines if you don’t have a reliable VoIP network.

According to Chairman Julius Genachowski, “With today’s action, the FCC is helping ensure that our communications infrastructure is more resilient.  We are helping ensure that consumers will have access to reliable phone service, particularly when calling 9-1-1, whether they are using a traditional telephone or one that operates by interconnected VoIP service.”

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