HP StoreOnce The Next Wave of Data Deduplication

Leveraging deduplication in backup environments yields significant advantages. The cost savings in reducing disk capacity requirements change the economics of disk-based backup. For some organizations, it allows disk-based backup-and, importantly, recovery-to be extended to additional workloads in the environment. For others, deduplication makes it possible to introduce disk-based backup where it may not have been feasible before.

Together, HP and Intel are introducing future-ready deduplication in its StoreOnce technology. StoreOnce is a modular deduplication algorithm that is portable and interchangeable-whether deployed in HP hardware or software-that can drive greater efficiency. With StoreOnce, HP is addressing what ESG sees as the shortcomings of “phase one,” “point solution” deduplication offerings available today: high cost, complexity, high operational overhead, rigid solution stacks, scalability limitations, single points of failure, lack of restore performance, and heterogeneous silos of storage. HP StoreOnce deduplication powered by Intel® Xeon® processors simplifies the deployment of deduplication technology across the IT infrastructure. It is a portable engine that can be easily embedded in multiple infrastructure components, eliminating the complexity seen in earlier-generation deduplication.

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