iMainGo XP Portable Stereo Speaker & Case for iPad

Portable Sound Labs has a new product called the iMainGo XP (model: 11BWB04), which is a portable stereo speaker for the iPad but also doubles as a protective case. It works on both the iPad 1 and iPad 2. It sports a rechargeable lithium ion battery, so it doesn’t suck the power from the iPad and delivers at least six hours of playtime between charges. What’s nice is that you can play audio and view your iPad without removing it form your protective iMainGo case. Below is a profile view and when the case is completely closed protecting the iPad and the iMainGo speakers.

The target audience is iPad aficionados who want bigger & better sound than you can get from the iPad’s small speakers. This is a great Christmas gift and perfect for gadget lovers who watch movies or play video games on their iPads. The product sports four premium high output stereo speakers, dual tuned bass and an ultra-efficient digital amplifier for what they claim is an amazing sound experience.

I’d be curious how this sounds with VoIP applications, such as Skype. With the iPad’s decent hardware echo cancellation and many VoIP softphone clients sporting software-based echo cancellation, it might be nice to have beefy speakers with lots of bass and HD audio support to carry the full tonal quality of the remote speaker. I have a review unit requested and will report my experience once I receive it. The list price on Amazon is $101.74.

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