Journey Releases New Video Featuring Michaele Salahi


I was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed when I came across a post by Journey saying they had a new music video. It read:

Sweet vibrations! Our new video for “Resonate” from our latest album Eclipse, is here as a special Valentine’s Day gift to you. Filmed in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the video captures some of our favorite live moments during the Eclipse Tour. Enjoy:



This was followed by an embedded YouTube video. I started to watch it and the intro looked like a scene from Baywatch with Neal Schon caressing a beautiful blonde girl in the sand. Wait a minute… Isn’t that Michaele Salahi, the infamous White House crasher and supposed kidnapping victim, only to find out she ran off with Neal Schon leaving her husband high and dry?

I love ya Schon – I think you’re one of the greatest guitar players of all time – but isn’t this rubbing salt in the wound to her ex-husband? Actually, this does make a statement to the media after the media trashed Schon and Salahi over their love tryst – “We’re a couple now, deal with it!”, which I kind of admire.

Still, even if this wasn’t a married (divorced?) woman I’d say this video is cheesy – it’s even cheesier than the Separate Ways music video, which was another great Journey song tainted by a bad music video. Neal, I hope you haven’t ruined your reputation with such a bad, in poor taste video.

Nevertheless, Resonate is a great song and most of the video is a live performance of the song in concert. That makes this video bearable, but just barely. You can watch the video below.

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