Only 15 Christmas Shopping Days Left!

Where has the month of December gone? There is only 15 shopping days left till Christmas Day and I haven’t even started shopping yet. I have no idea what to get for my wife and two kids — nor what gadgets to ask for myself. Already own an iPad and an iPhone 4S. Also own an Xbox 360, Denon 7.1 home theater setup, 55” TV, and various other gadgetry that would be too long to list here. My gadget list is pretty much fulfilled. Wait, did I just say that? How can this be? Surely, there are some cool gadgets out there that I must own. Time to check out ThinkGeek and some other gadgety sites. The day I stop finding cool gadgets to buy is the day I die. angel-wings

Any suggestions? What are the coolest gadgets of the year or what are the other popular gifts (tools, toys, etc.) that people are buying for Christmas? Oh, and don’t forget, it’s not about the gifts giving or receiving – remember what this holiday is truly about. For many it’s celebrating of the birth of Jesus, while for others it’s about being with family – and for others it’s both. But regardless of the reasons for celebrating, just remember it’s certainly not about commercialism.

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